I am currently watching Clueless so I decided to make this as I watch the movie….and I also needed to add some non-Taylor material to the blog. As if!! Okay so Cher is 15 right? We all know that she doesn’t have her license and she has her permit because she is FIFTEEN. But she doesn’t want to date “high school boys??” Who does she want to date? Junior high boys?? I don’t understand. Is she in junior high? Maybe she’s a freshman and they consider that junior high at that school or does she only date people that were once related to her?? Brittany Murphy (RIP) also looks nothing like herself in this movie…even after the makeover that they are currently giving her as I type this. Also, I want need that computer thing that Cher has in her closet in the beginning of the movie where she picks out her outfit. That looks so awesome!!

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